Rest Stops in Missouri

There are 17 Rest Stops in Missouri, serving a population of 6,075,300 people in an area of 68,729 square miles. There is 1 Rest Stop per 357,370 people, and 1 Rest Stop per 4,042 square miles.

The state of Missouri is ranked 5th in Rest Stops per capita, and 5th in Rest Stops per square mile.

List of MO Rest Stops

Missouri Rest Stops locations, phone numbers, services & hours. Find Missouri Rest Stops near me.

Chain Of Rocks Welcome Center 700 Dunn Road St. Louis, MO

Eagleville Welcome Center And Rest Area Southbound I-35 Eagleville, MO

Missouri Welcome Center 23181 I 29s Rock Port, MO

Rest Area I-44 Wb Mm 235 I-44 Wb Mm 235 St. Clair, MO

Rest Area I-55 Nb Mm 160 I-55 Nb Mm 160 Bloomsdale, MO

Rest Area I-55 Nb Mm 20 I-55 Nb Mm 20 Hayti, MO

Rest Area I-55 Sb Mm 110 I-55 Sb Mm 110 Jackson, MO

Rest Area I-70 Wb Mm 198 I-70 Wb Mm 198 Wright, MO

Rock Port, MO Welcome Center 23181 I Avenue Rock Port, MO

St Clair Rest Area 225 Saint Clair Industrial Park Drive St. Clair, MO

Turn Out I-55 Nb Mm 110 I-55 Nb Mm 110 Jackson, MO

Turn Out I-55 Nb Mm 2 I-55 Nb Mm 2 Steele, MO

Turn Out I-55 Nb Mm 42 I-55 Nb Mm 42 Marston, MO

Turn Out I-55 Sb Mm 160 I-55 Sb Mm 160 Bloomsdale, MO

Turn Out I-57 Nb Mm 18 I-57 Nb Mm 18 Charleston, MO

Turn Out I-70 Eb Mm 167 I-70 Eb Mm 167 Montgomery, MO

Turn Out I-70 Wb Mm 169 I-70 Wb Mm 169 Montgomery, MO